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Guard rails are very often seen in highways. They can usually be found at the sides of the road where they stand between the concrete road and whatever is beyond it, be it a home, a commercial property, or even just a bunch of trees.

Guard rails serve as protection or barrier at the edges of the road. Many road accidents happen on a daily basis. Most of these are caused by over speeding vehicles. 

Guard rails Installation Stamford

Some are even worse, where the drivers are driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances. This is even more dangerous when the weather conditions are adverse, and the roads are slippery.

In case of road accidents, the involved vehicles can spin away from their lane and towards all possible directions. They can hit vehicles in the next lane, the oncoming traffic, or people and properties near the road.

The goal of a guard rail is to serve as a barrier of protection against vehicle like these. Ideally, they must be able to put the errant fast-moving vehicle to a halt. Alternatively, if the circumstances make it impossible to stop them, guard rails can at least slow them down and minimize the damage they may cause.

Guard rails can be made from many types of materials. Depending on the risk levels in the area and the budget of the people who plan to have them installed, the guard rail may be in the form of cables, wood. or steel. In general, the cables are the weakest among these, but also the most affordable. On the other hand, steel is the most expensive but is also on the pricier end.

Cable guard rails may be used if the roads are not too busy. Wood can stop vehicles but may be severely damaged after. For best results, steel is the ideal option.

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