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There is no better way to ensure the security of your property than by adding technology-based security measures. Specifically, gate operators may be used. This not only uses electricity to regulate the opening and closing of your gates. They are also not automated using computers. If you want to know more about gate operators, keep reading.

There are generally two types of gates where gate operators may be used. This is common in residential properties, especially in driveways. These are the swing type and the sliding types of gates.

The swing type of the common one we see, where the gate open at the hinges. Since they need spaces to swing, this is more common in neighborhoods where there is more area available. Otherwise, the sliding type of gate is used. This is the type of gate that has wheels underneath. They are closed related to the fence or wall beside where they roll along when the opening or closing mechanism is activated.

The gate operators do not only automate the opening and closing of gates. They are also used to control the locking and unlocking mechanisms. It will be difficult to open a gate with a gate operator without the right pin or key.

Gate Operators Installation Stamford

It was important for us to distinguish the common types of gates because the gate operator model that can be used for your place will depend on the type of gate that is in place. You should know that there is a myriad of gate operator brands and models these days. The Stamford Fence Company provides only the most updated and highly recommended brands and models for the safety of our patrons. We can also help you in the process of choosing which type will be right for you.

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