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Many people prefer ornamental fencing to ensure their security but not at the expense of blocking the view from their beautiful homes. These are usually composed of metal bars which can be designed with intricate styles like rails, finials, and scrolls. Since they are built without obtrusive panels, you can ensure the security of your homes while also being able to flaunt your landscaping and architecture.

The metals steel and aluminum are prime choices for ornamental fencing. These are also available in many colors and finishes. From the simplest designs, corrugated metal looks, to complicated lattice styles, we can make the ornamental fence that will be for you.

We can customize and fabricate ornamental steel and aluminum fences that will surely make your home stand out from every house on the block.

One of the most popular ornamental fence materials is aluminum. It is a metal that does not rust. Moreover, it comes at a cheaper price when compared to other metals. Even outdoors, aluminum does not suffer from corrosion. Moreover, it can be recycled if it so happens that you would someday want a fence in a different style or configuration.

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For your ornamental metal fence, you can also choose steel. Steel is more heavyweight than aluminum, making it a particularly durable metal even when compared with aluminum. When installed, the bases of steel fences are reinforced by concrete bases. Steel fences are installed at a guarantee of a lifetime with minimal maintenance involved. Unlike aluminum, steel also gives an option of having a finishing other than a glossy surface. However, seeing that it is a derivative of iron, it cannot guarantee the same rust resistance that aluminum can offer.

At the end of the day, both are great choices for ornamental fencing.

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