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The Stamford Fence Company is the number one source for your back stops needs in town. Your baseball game will never be the same if you choose us for your next backstops project.

We offer many types of backstops for your convenience. The most popular ones in the market today are chain link and vinyl netting. First of all, chain link being a very versatile material in itself is also very useful as protection in baseball and softball games. It is composed of interlinked wires the together form a very sturdy structure. It can withstand impacts from ball and even bats without sustaining any damage.

The other common type of back stop we offer is the vinyl netting. Basically, this is net or clothlike material with many small holes. The main advantage of this type of back stops is on the visual aspect. The material is thinner and watching through it feels like there is no obstruction between you and the games in front of you. Yet it still offers good protection.

The main purpose of back stops is they prevent any flying objects from the playing fields from hitting the spectators at the stands. They function as some sort of a barrier that protects the audience from balls or bats that can come flying during times when the games become heated and intense. 

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No one should be hurt trying to unwind by watching baseball. This is why proper backstops should be put in place.

The Stamford Fence Company also offers these backstops in either of two configurations. There is the straight type which stands like a tall fence. On the other hand, we have the canopy type of back stop which has an overhang for better protection. Both may be brought to your site assembled or unassembled.

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