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Cages and enclosures have many practical uses. Because of this, they can be used almost anywhere. They can be found in homes, schools, manufacturing facilities, offices, industrial buildings, commercial spaces and many more. Most of the time, they are being used to help keep or store materials in the most secure manner possible.

Enclosures are usually larger than cages. Sometimes, they have different uses, but their basic structure remains the same. They are all made from meshes of metal wiring or chain link to keep their contents secure inside. They have gaps in between these bars to keep the ventilation circulating very well. This is important in protecting the items inside from any damages. Since the gaps are small and cages and enclosures can be secured with padlocks and wires, the things that are kept will be difficult to steal or tampered with. But because there are open spaces, there is less chance for water to be retained inside. This is beneficial since water can possibly damage any item that is present

For the material, most cages and enclosures are made with metals. There are steel and aluminum kinds from which you can choose. These are also available in combination. If we may suggest, The Stamford Fence Company recommends galvanized steel wiring as this is the most durable option for any type of application. Moreover, it has great resistance to corrosion, making it ideal even for outdoor cages and enclosures.

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Here are some of the types of cages and enclosures we have:

Tools and Equipment cages

These can be ordered in modular form.

Locker cages

Used to keep AV and sports equipment.

Batting cage

A secure place for practicing baseball or softball batting.

Safety enclosures

For leisure, biological, and industrial facilities and applications.

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