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SimTek fences may be an unfamiliar fence material type to many. However, it has become increasingly popular over the last decade due to its many benefits as well as its cost-effectiveness. If you are still unfamiliar with this, you may know it by its other names “Sherwood Fence” and “Allegheny Fence.” These terms are all interchangeable with SimTek.

SimTek fences are those fences that resemble a concrete wall but contain no real stone or cement. Yet, they look almost like the real thing, or maybe even better. This fence type is durable and can withstand forceful impacts even repeatedly since it has some metal reinforcements on the inside. Moreover, the material itself offers the extra advantages of soundproofing and privacy.

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As mentioned, SimTek contains no stone of concrete, yet it makes your property look like a stone wall has been built around it. The main material that make up the SimTek fences is the polyethylene substance. This is a complex chemical compound which has been mixed with reinforcements and ingredients to make up a sturdy fence that can be afforded at a fraction of the price of a concrete wall.

SimTek fences offer a considerable aesthetic value. Many property owners have grown interested to it because of this timeless stone wall look. The polyethylene material used can be shaped and molded in the factories, making it possible to form the stone or concrete wall façade that we can see. While SimTek can be easily manipulated in factories, they do not easily yield to environmental conditions. SimTek fences are top of the line when it comes to durability and weatherability.

SimTek fences come in many styles of stone look layout you can choose from. There is also a selection of color options.

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