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Wood fences remain to be a popular choice in residential and even commercial settings these days. This is more so today because we now have discovered that cedar wood is the type of wood that offers the best fencing benefits. Unlike many other types of wood, it is less prone to the damages that wooden fences are always at risk of.

Compared to them, cedar is tougher and therefore less prone to breaking, splintering, warping, or deforming. Moreover, it undergoes a slower rate of decomposition which is why it can last for many years still looking good as new. One of the problems many wooden items face is the danger of termite infestation. Thankfully, cedar wood fences are more resistant to them naturally because of the oils and scents it has. With good maintenance procedures such as regular repainting and application of chemicals like sealants, your cedar wood fence can stand beautifully for many years.

The beauty of wooden fences remained unparalleled these days. This is why they have remained popular among owners of many different property types. Cedar wood fences in particular confer an organic yet classic aesthetic that offers nothing but a natural elegance that cannot be seen in other types of fences. Many new materials try to imitate wood in terms of looks, but sometimes, there are some elements about it that these contemporary materials cannot replicate.

For your different needs, cedar wood fences are available in many different configurations. There is the cedar wood privacy fence. 

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This is made up of cedar wood boards that are nailed together so closely that there are not gaps in between them. Therefore, the view from the inside of the property is completely concealed. For semi-privacy options, cedar wood shadowboxing fences are also available.

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