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Vinyl is a very simple and low maintenance fence type very commonly used in many settings today. It is durable, versatile, and applicable in almost all settings and scenarios.

Usually, we see vinyl fencing as white fences that come in various forms. There are gapless vinyl fences that are ideal for privacy considerations. On the other hand, we also have contemporary vinyl picket fencing that is available. Unlike a wooden picket fence, there is no need to coat this with white paint since it already comes in white. For those who have a more specific aesthetic preference, ornamental vinyl fencing is also widely available.

Vinyl became popular over the years because of the many advantages it offers. As mentioned earlier, it is one of the fence types which requires very minimal maintenance. There is no need for chemical coating to protect it. You also will not need to regularly repaint them. Yet, they can last for many years while still looking like it was installed the day before. All it takes to maintain a vinyl fence is cleaning. This can be achieved by hosing it down with a regular garden hose. If you think it is necessary, you may also use a sponge and mild soap, though this is not very commonly done.

Vinyl fence is considered to be one of the newer and more temporary types of fences. Most often, it is compared to wooden fences because somehow, they have similar applications. However, it competes well in terms of durability since it is a waterproof material. 

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Therefore, vinyl does not splinter, blister, break, warp, of deform under conditions which wood would normally succumb to.

The main material that makes up vinyl is plastic in the form of polyvinyl chloride. This a durable industry grade plastic which is also used for many other applications like piping and drainage.

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